Experienced Techs

You won’t find any repair rookies here. Each technician within our team must complete a thorough training and testing process to ensure your device, data, and memories remain in good hands.

Data Protection

From social media, to photos, to personal accounts, you keep some of the most sensitive data on your smartphone. That’s your business, not ours. Rest assured your info is kept from prying eyes.

Lifetime Warranty

Feel secure knowing that your repair is protected from part and labor defects on any part replaced for the life of your device. *Unfortunately, additional physical and/or liquid damage cannot be covered.

Select a category to begin your repair

Looking for a repair? Choose your device category below to get started.

Not as water-resistant
as you thought it was?

Whether you’re concerned about a few drops of H2O that may have landed on your device, or if it did a swan dive into the pool, we’re here to help. If the board of the device is not cleaned thoroughly, corrosion can start within 24-48 hours. The sooner your device is brought into a repair shop, the more likely, and less expensive your repair could be.

Need it unlocked?

Going out of the country? Just want the freedom to go to any carrier of your choosing? Whatever the reason, we’re able to carrier unlock your device for use on most international networks. *Certain devices may not be eligible for unlock due to technical network limitations.

Protection Pro

Custom device protection optimized for your needs

The only thing better than a repair by our team, is not needing one in the first place. Our wide range of custom wraps and protection-focused accessories will keep your device secure no matter where life takes you.